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July 28 2010

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das web von heute
Nina Paley EFF

July 03 2010

June 27 2010

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witzige idee

swissmiss | Woolfiller

June 24 2010

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i absolutely love this furniture! so incredibly intelligent! seen on swiss-miss

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June 21 2010

lässiger sitzsack -> diy
Tags: furniture
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May 14 2010

Gary Chang: Life in 32 sqm | ArchDaily

mehr info über das flexible apartment vom letzten eintrag und wie es entstanden ist.
Tags: architecture

May 06 2010

martas soup

Tags: soup marta

martas soup

Tags: soup marta

martas soup

Tags: soup marta

March 26 2010

February 15 2010

February 04 2010

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